Case Studies

World Fulfillment's clients include small and large domestic and international companies that benefit from our custom, goal-oriented service. The following stories are a small sample of the many unique solutions that we have delivered for our clients.

Managing High Risk Cargo

A national chemical spill containment company was seeking a safe yet economical method of shipping sealed drums between 100 locations. The traditional square foot method of calculating less than truckload transportation costs was difficult to predict and even more difficult to charge back to clients. World Fulfillment developed a custom pallet wrapping technique that ensured safe transport of the drums. The innovative custom distribution program implemented by WF utilized a flat per unit rate. This new approach enabled the response company to establish a set rate schedule resulting in additional contracts and increased annual sales.

Delivering a Successful Retail Event

A major international toy manufacturer had a retail marketing event scheduled at 400 locations across the country. World Fulfillment was called upon to develop a fulfillment and distribution program that would ensure delivery within three days of shipping. WF mapped out a delivery schedule and network that achieved the best pricing based upon distance. Expedited shipping was reserved for long distance shipments while packages destined for closer locations were shipped at standard rates. This resulted in a substantial savings on expedited shipping costs. The retail displays were packaged and palletized in WF's warehouse.

Solving a Customs Quagmire

National security concerns have unintentionally resulted in transportation delays for products of all types and destinations. World Fulfillment was asked to intervene on behalf of an international manufacturer of firearm parts whose product was detained in New York harbor. As a recognized international transportation and distribution company, WF had the reputation and contacts necessary to obtain custom clearing in less than one hour.

A Major U-Turn On-time

A domestic retail operation needed to distribute its new oversized displays to 19 retail locations under an extremely tight schedule. The program required the displays to be picked up at 5 pm on a Friday evening at the Midwest facility, trucked to the airport, flown by wide-body freighters to multiple destinations where ground crews were waiting to transport the displays to the individual retail locations by Sunday evening. World Fulfillment managed the entire transportation, transloading and cross docking operations. Our operational efficiency was put to the test when the client realized on Saturday morning that one address was incorrect and a display on route to California was really needed in Ohio. WF's integrated distribution network was ready to respond, rerouting the display nearly instantaneously and arriving in Ohio on-time.

24-hour Turnaround

World Fulfillment received an air shipment from China containing over 1,000 cartons of product. Our in-house team separated the product by model number, palletized the materials, labeled the materials and delivered them by truck to their regional destination. All this was accomplished within a 24 hour schedule.

Outsourcing Results in Increased Sales

Sales were steadily increasing for a domestic manufacturer of metal fasteners; however business growth was stymied by lack of space and human resources. World Fulfillment replicated their assembly and packaging operations and implemented a comprehensive fulfillment program. This allowed the manufacturer to expand their manufacturing space and focus their resources on increasing production and sales.

Individual Attention for Specialty Products

A retailer of specialty lighting and home fixtures regularly relies on World Fulfillment for custom packaging and shipping services for its online and showroom sales. One of a kind pieces require individual attention and custom solutions based upon size, shape, material and destination. The personal attention of WF's customer service team is ideally suited for specialty shipping needs.

Custom Packaging Speeds Assembly

A medical equipment manufacturer struggled with excess product damage during shipping. World Fulfillment designed a self contained package to protect the fragile components. The new package was incorporated into the final assembly process, saving substantial time and reducing product packaging. Most importantly, product damage as a result of shipping was dramatically decreased.

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