Freight Management

When your freight needs to travel across the country or the globe, you can rely on World Fulfillment to manage all your distribution and transportation needs.

Materials arriving from - or traveling to - multiple locations are easily managed through World Fulfillment's coordinated packaging, transportation, transloading and freight handling services. Our transportation management and cost optimization programs ensure that shipments reach their destination intact and on time.

World Fulfillment's innovative tools, automated transportation management systems, experienced staff and robust procurement resources result in accurate estimates, improved handling, reduced damages, and significant savings in time and money.

A major international manufacturer scheduled a retail marketing event at 400 locations across the country. WF packaged the displays, palletized them and mapped out a distribution network that ensured delivery within three days of shipping. Expedited shipping was reserved for long distance shipments while packages destined for closer locations were shipped standard, resulting in substantial savings.

  • Automated TMS
  • Supply chain management
  • Process management
  • Warehousing
  • Cost optimization
  • Service time stabilization


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